There’s no single approach to being an engaging rapper. These days, a lot of the rising talent has found a way to be entertaining with wild styles and loud, high-energy deliveries. But when you look back on the history of hip-hop, some of the most captivating spitters are the ones whose voices melted into the beat and made it seem like they’re not even trying—think Guru, Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane.

Boldy James has the kind of nonchalant flow that makes rapping seem easy. It’s not as flashy as, say, Danny Brown or Eminem, but there’s a charm that sinks in the more you hear him, and the subtleties and deliberate nature of Boldy’s flow is something that will stick with you if you give it a chance. Listen to “Chirps” below.

Boldy’s Alchemist-produced album M.1.C.S. is due in September.