With the release of their eighth studio album quickly approaching, Swedish duo Club 8 have shared the second single off the upcoming LP. Much like their last track, “Stop Taking My Time,” the band delivers another undeniably catchy electro-pop production. This time though, “I’m Not Gonna Grow Old” possesses a much stronger disco-inspired sound, with glittery synths, thumping percussion and a sweeping chorus. Stream the track below, and look for Above the City out May 21.

Above the City
1. Kill Kill Kill
2. Stop Taking My Time
3. You Could Be Anybody
4. Run
5. Interlude
6. Hot Sun
7. A Small Piece Of Heaven
8. I’m Not Gonna Grow Old
9. Interlude #2
10. Into Air
11. Instrumental
12. Travel
13. Less Than Love
14. Straight As An Arrow