MisterWives was formed in 2012 where the three New York natives set out to produce, and perform their independently composed music. Their sound has been described as indie-pop-soul and has been well received in some of New York’s most notable venues. The core members include Mandy Lee (vocals/keys) William Hehir (bass) and Etienne Bowler (drums). Their live set incorporates other musicians that contribute sax, trumpet, guitar, and strings to their well-rounded sound. The band is currently working on their EP that will be released in the spring of 2013.

MisterWives has only been in existence since 2012, but you would never know that by listening to the expertly written and masterfully produced “Coffins.” It’s the kind of instantly impactful song that sounds fit for a movie soundtrack. If you sped it up and dropped a synthy beat under it, “Coffins” would fit in with major pop radio hits. Even better than that though, a strings section and steady tempo give this a dramatic twist that swells as it goes and makes you want to hit that replay button immediately.

Equally impressive for a new band, MisterWives’ first music video for “Lullaby” is a powerful set of visuals that makes this band’s introduction even more persuasive. The song is a perfect example of why indie-pop-soul is an appropriate description of their sound, and the aesthetic set forth with the theatrical imagery in the clip have us convinced that MisterWives is going to skip over any slow-building hype and quickly move toward doing very big things.

MisterWives is playing the Mercury Lounge in NYC on June 21. Get ticketsĀ here.

All photos by Matthew Phillips