Every now and then you hear a song that isn’t exactly what you want it to be, but for whatever reason, you can’t stop going back to it.

Jon Waltz’ “Bang” doesn’t sound complete. It sounds like it hasn’t been mastered. It sounds like a demo. Like a rough draft.

But between the start and the end of the song, something real takes place. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s coming from a 17-year-old from Memphis who mixes his own songs with a friend and admits that “neither of us are too good at it.” Maybe he just got lucky with that sample. Maybe it’s that, shit, the kid can write a hook that would make Drake jealous. Maybe it’s his description of the song: “This song sounds like a hipster girl who smokes cigs in Midtown all day and occasionally does hard drugs.”

In “Bang,” there are flashes of Drake and Kendrick-level song construction, but there’s a big gap between this and that. Still, amidst an ocean of music, I keep going back to this one.