Frances Cone is another fresh voice on the Americana-pop circuit that caught our ear with her raspy, sweet voice and horn, flute and strings accompaniment. Classically trained in piano, Frances left Charleston for the confines of New York City, slowly crafting her debut album Come Back that was quietly released in February of this year. Now for her third single, “Long Way Down” Cone teams her sugary vocals with playful horns, orchestrated by Evan Smith who arranged horns, clarinet, flute and sax for St. Vincent‘s Actor tour and Strange Mercy recording sessions.

There’s a reason that Cone has caught attention from Twitter’s latest #Music’s Top Emerging Artists tag and features in Vanity Fair, Paste Magazine and Brooklyn Vegan—her take on the compromises between leaving home and settling somewhere new are introspective and interesting, her voice flows with the down-home sweetness of a familiar creek, but isn’t lacking in polish either. Stream her latest single below and watch for more from her, it’s definitely coming.