Magic Man, the five-piece synth-rockers from Providence, Rhode Island who we picked as a Best New Artist in March, are back with the third and final release from their self-produced Fox Den EP. The young, promising musicians have joined St. Lucia, HAIM and Haerts as Neon Gold’s latest album signing.

“Nova Scotia” sounds like what you would get if you crossed The Killers with, well, The Killers. The song, just as full of indie-popism as their other releases (“Paris” and “Texas”), is a bit more anthemic than their previous offerings. Alex Caplow belts over swelling synths and drums that make you want to run through an airport trying to catch the love of your life before she gets on that plane to…Nova Scotia? The perfect song for those nights when you wanna get white kid turnt. Yeah, I said white kid turnt. Listen to and download the entire Fox Den EP below.

Alongside this release Magic Man has announced their first Spring/Summer U.S. tour in support of MS MR and Walk The Moon. Check out the dates and get your tickets here.