Misty Miller is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from South London, but she sounds straight out of New York in the ’70s. She released her first record when she was only 15, and used to lean heavily on the ukulele, but her sound has shifted considerably and now contains hints of rusty, gritty guitar solos and plaintive yet strong vocals that recall love and loss in equal measure. Premiering today on Pigeons & Planes is “Tea in China” a cut off her second EP of the year, Next to You, which comes out on June 2.

Her initial EP of the year, Girlfriend, came out earlier this year in February and contains the same raw, emotive guitar playing and brazen attitude that she exhibits in this track. Misty’s update on the rock and roll of the past on this track feels like a Midas touch, her incorporation of tiny lyrical details like “I prefer floorboards to carpets” is complemented by swelling, intricate guitar and enormous drum hits that sound golden in juxtaposition. Above it all, her tenuous, willowy voice tells the story as much as the lyrics do—it’s her strongest instrument.

Stream the premiere of “Tea in China” below. Also check out two of my other favorites from her forthcoming EP: “Next to You” and “Anything for You” which combine emotional turmoil with high-charged rock song in her signature, paradoxical style.