Back in my early days as a music writer, I fell in love with Royal Canoe and wrote them a love letter of sorts for a blog I used to contribute to infrequently. Needless to say I’m happy to meet up with them again after we’ve both advanced considerably—they’re planning the release of their full-length and I work full-time for Pigeons & Planes—we’ve both come a long way but what’s stayed consistent (hopefully for both of us) is the quality. Royal Canoe bring  an energy and insistence that’s unmatchable to what could easily be standard fare indie synth pop.

The six piece group hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the reflection of their hometown’s drastic seasonal changes can be heard distinctly in their music. Today Pigeons & Planes is premiering their re-mastered and re-mixed track “Bathtubs” a gem of jangly keys and anthemic harmonies that are fully supported by psychedelic strings and guitar riffs.

But the idea of bathtubs in hallways is a unique one, and the band shared the creative impetus behind the song: “The building we practice in used to be an old single occupancy apartment block.  The current owner pulled the beautiful claw-foot bathtubs out of each room with the purpose of restoring and reselling them, but it never panned out for whatever reason and for the longest time they served more as a constant annoying obstruction as we were trying to load our gear before and after shows.  For us the bathtubs became a metaphor for all of the obstacles restricting creativity: Good intentions left unfulfilled, laziness, distraction, stubbornness. This song is about the struggle to maintain focus despite this.”

Stream the track below and look for their full-length record, Today We’re Believers which will be out June 25 on Roll Call Records.