Skinny Love Cover Art

It’s a tall order to take on the music of an artist that’s as beloved as Bon Iver, one whose songs and albums foster strong emotional connections with listeners, ties far beyond simple “like” and “love.” Covers, too, of well-worn material can be ill-advised; the list of reasons is as great as the number of horrible reworkings confined to the YouTube graveyard.

Luckily, New York-based band Silent Rider avoids the obvious pitfalls, putting their stamp on Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” while simultaneously maintaining the original’s delicate spirit. The band’s reworking pushes the more haunting qualities of “Skinny Love” to the forefront, building around airy synth textures and echoing accents before breaking into a cathartic guitar-driven finale. It’s a cleverly discrete take that does Bon Iver justice while giving a representative snapshot of Silent Rider’s aesthetic. Check it out below.