Modern Vampires of the City

Last November, Vampire Weekend took to the stage on late night program Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut a new song called “Unbelievers.” The band were coming due for a new album, but at the time there were only rumors and speculation surrounding what XL Recording’s New York darlings might be up to. Naturally the Internet trolls viewed this as an opportunity to play games, going so far as to draft and distribute a fake album cover, title and tracklist.

Once the fraudulent Lemon Sounds fiasco had been put to bed, factual details began to surface about what would eventually be identified as the group’s official third studio album, Vampires of the Modern City. Since opening the floodgates in late January, we’ve heard either live or rough studio versions of approximately 50% of the LP, been treated to a number of Steve Buscemi-drected promo vids, viewed multiple live performances by the band and even caught wind of a few tour announcements.

In keeping with 2013’s apparent theme of being the greatest year of music since the fall of Rome, we finally have access to Modern Vampires of the City in full courtesy of iTunes. Hit the jump below to enjoy a free preview one week in advance and also be sure to pre-order the release (May 14) while you’re there.


Official Tracklist

1. Vampire Weekend – Obvious Bicycle Lyrics
2. Vampire Weekend – The Unbelievers Lyrics
3. Vampire Weekend – Step Lyrics
4. Vampire Weekend – Diane Young Lyrics
5. Vampire Weekend – Don’t Lie Lyrics
6. Vampire Weekend – Hannah Hunt Lyrics
7. Vampire Weekend – Everlasting Arms Lyrics
8. Vampire Weekend – Finger Back Lyrics
9. Vampire Weekend – Worship You Lyrics
10. Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey Lyrics
11. Vampire Weekend – Hudson Lyrics
12. Vampire Weekend – Young Lion Lyrics