By mid-summer 2013, if you’ve been exposed to trap music, you probably know the drill tale of the tape on the genre: Ear-splitting snares, fast hi-hats, bottomless 808s and some combination of trancey synth lines or heavily chopped vocal samples (depending on what camp and, in a lot of cases, which side of the Atlantic ocean you’re on). In many cases, you may already be tuning trap out, but you’d be mistaken to write the genre off completely, as it’s already beginning to evolve and, since it’s derived very closely from hip-hop, there’s plenty of room for it still to grow, adopt, and adapt.

In the meantime, if you want sonic violence and sounds to fire up a revolution (or at least to get a club full of white kids on molly to go insane), you can toss on this remix of Meek Mill’s “Levels” by New York duo the Insurgents. Consisting of TJ Mizell, the son of the late, great Jam Master Jay,¬†and Christian Colon whose father founded house label One Records. Quite the pedigree to live up to, but one that provides ample lessons for how to rock a crowd.

The duo ramps up the dark energy of Meek Mill’s “Levels” to booming, gloomy festival trap heights, adding assault-level layers of synths, machine-gun drums, and plenty of low-end and vocal samples to go around (combining elements of both British and American takes on the sub-genre). It may not deviate tremendously from what you’ve come to expect of trap, but it’s a successful, dark take that takes an anthem and blows it out riotous proportions.