In the past year, producer Kaytranada‘s built a healthy repertoire of excellent remixes in the vein of producers like Ta-Ku and the rest of the Soulection roster that meld warm synths, healthy doses of bass, J Dilla’s off-kilter rhythms, and the influence of early 90s R&B into production that’s often both neck-snapping and evocative. Kaytranada has separated himself from much of the pack with superior sound selection–his snares snap a little harder, his bass is a little more elastic and vibrant, his remix selections cleverer–and composition, coming across more as a producer on the rise than a noodling bedroom beatmaker.

With expected flare, Kaytranada turns New York-based band American Royalty‘s single “Mariah” into a mid-tempo burner, ┬ábacked by a deliberate, marching rhythm and buoyant bass. It’s a surprising combination that adds rich texture and new life to a song originally far sparser and darker. Another winning mix for Canadian producer.