Upon first listen, Firehorse immediately catches the ear, lingering there with that distinctive quality that makes frenetic pop so appealing, no matter the occasion. “Bloodstream” is one of the singles off the group’s sophomore album Pills From Strangers, it will be officially released tomorrow and Pigeons & Planes is exclusively premiering the track today. Leah Siegel, the frontwoman of the Brooklyn-based outfit, has a voice that dances like a flame above the rest of the track’s textured electronic structure. Formerly, Siegel wrote songs on her own, mostly on guitar, but this record reflects a change in pace and influence.

A follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut, And so they ran faster, “Bloodstream” is the perfect example of what their new record holds. It encapsulates the addictive mosaic of sounds that Siegel is working with—nearly-ominous, vintage synths married with hand claps and myriad other electronic quirks. The thing that really makes the track though is Siegel’s voice, warm, frantic and demanding, a combination that makes it impossible to ignore and deeply charismatic. Stream the glimmering track below, it’ll probably be the soundtrack to your summer and look for Firehorse’s new album out on June 25.