In the last year and a half or so, Atlanta and Chicago street rap have made a sort of staccato, occasionally melodic style of rapping increasingly popular. Chief Keef and Future are the primary practitioners (or culprits, if you’re in the negative camp) of a technique that’s a few emcees and key songs away from passing into common usage–hell, even Kanye’s already jumped on the bandwagon, albeit alongside Keef onĀ Cruel Summer‘s “Don’t Like” remix.

On “Siamese,” Atlanta’s Que teams up with rappers Chip and Mike Fresh and serves up an impassioned example of this sort of sharply rhythmic rapping (and hilarious sneeze ad-lib to boot). It’s not going to be every rap fan’s favorite flavor, but it’s intriguing from a stylistic standpoint to hear a kind of delivery for which catchiness is determined by cadence and forceful bounce than anything else. Give it a listen below.