There’s something unsettling and original about Bishop Nehru‘s skittering production, jazzy old-world sampling and lackadaisical rapping style. On “Fickle Mind$”, the 16-year-old deftly mixes horns and brass sounds with newer effects like a stop-and-go fast-forwarding bit that mimics VCRS (some kids reading this won’t really know what those are). Fresh off the release of his latest mixtape NEHRUVIA yesterday, the Rockland County is gaining ground as one of the compelling MCs in New York’s new wave of rappers.

Watch the arresting, morbid video above during which Nehru interpolates shots of graveyards with his own bloody hospital visit. Maybe it’s just the bucket hat and jazzy samples but he feels a little reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt—without feeling like a copy cat though. It seems odd to realize that the next generation of rappers coming up will be influenced by Odd Future too. Stream and download NEHRUVIA over at DJ Booth and check out his other track “Misruled Order” featuring Que Hampton.