Well, whaddaya know. Believe it or not, David Lynch’s long-awaited foray into music plays like one of his movies! Dark, cool, dirty, and just a little twisted, this advance stream of Lynch’s “The Big Dream” reveals the legendary filmmaker to be a man grounded in his ways. Not that that’s a bad thing. This is a fully realized vision of the blues, immediately recalling The Dead Weather, Jack White, and a touch of Portishead in its embrace of the wobbles and some heartbreaking electric guitar.

Lynch’s songwriting ability should come as no surprise – directing a film requires similar powers of orchestration and organization, to say nothing of a big-picture mentality. What does raise brows, however, is how smoothly and directly Lynch’s onscreen persona translates to the world of sound. You can really feel the high contrast, haunted America, and creepy charisma that define his films show up his music. The timid speak-song found in “The Big Dream” (specifically on “Cold Wind Blowin'” and “Last Call”) is often manipulated and filtered just enough to sound and feel like one of the mysterious demons that populate his work.

In his own words, Lynch describes the album as “modern blues,” going on to say “most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there. What comes out is a hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues.” There are indeed elements of every genre in there, even some trappy snares sneaking in between the cracks. How hip-hop will respond to the album remains to be seen (the official release date is still a week away, set for July 16) but any initial trepidation can be set aside for the time being.

Again, you can stream the entire album on Pitchfork here. Check out his video for the Lykke Li collab “Waiting Here” below: