Amidst the endless releases of “dream pop” comes a song that balances all that dreaming with some heavy machinery. “Dream Machines” from London’s Big Deal manages to align roaring, gnashing guitar solos with a lighter, floating pop sound. The single was released just yesterday, and their debut album June Gloom  came out amidst Yeezus fever and other distractions—it was a little slept on. But Big Deal shouldn’t be ignored—the duo composed of Alice Costelloe & Kacey Underwood like to refer to their music as “cringe core”—a play on their direct earnest pop and hard guitar mix.

It’s nice to hear something heavy balanced with something light, in the same way that Alice’s keen soprano is weighted down by Kacey’s lower bass vocals. A marriage of opposites that ends up in a fatal attraction, Big Deal may not be a misnomer. Check out the video for their heavier, more jammy first single “Swapping Spit” and an interview with the band over at Billboard. Buy June Gloom via Amazon.