Damn I love that crazy shit, just me and my crazy bitch/Same girl I got broke with be the same girl I get famous with…

The Bronx’s Doley Bernays continues to expand the depth of his catalog on new single “Tommy & Keish,” telling the story of functionally dysfunctional relationship (inspired by the DMX and Taral Hicks’ on-screen relationship in Hype Williams’ film Belly) over usual partner in crime MP Williams’ melancholic production–a nice balance of modern sounds and evocative piano, a sonic landscape increasingly proving a perfect fit for Bernays. It’s a tried and true topic that Bernays attacks with the passion and cinematic vision he’s exhibited across several months-worth of strong singles.

More important, perhaps, than the quality of each single is the suggestion of a developing cohesion to Bernays’ style spread across a consistent series of releases–a goal many young rappers chase without ever properly achieving. If his last few songs are an a trustworthy barometer, Bernays is well on his way to developing a signature style.

Stream and download  “Tommy and Keish” below.