Sometimes simplicity is the most effective strategy. While we don’t want every beat to be built on a repetitive sample or pulsing, unchanging four-on-the-floor rhythm, effectively using a few elements can provide visceral satisfaction in ways more complex arrangements might not.

Atlanta’s Hollywood JB understands the power of simplicity. Looping a few sections of Nina Simone’s “Plain Gold Ring” into a hypnotic combination of piano, the singer’s signature smoky vocals, and neck-snapping drums, JB lays a slyly persuasive foundation for his aspirational raps and agile, varied flow. It’s the sort of beat that bores its way into your brain without you necessarily noticing–”Game 7″ hit my inbox at the beginning of the week and I couldn’t post until now due to a variety of circumstances, but each day I felt the desire to hear the song grew as the beat rang in my brain.