If there’s one thing that 2013 needs, it’s more saxophone solos—I was just telling someone that the other day. Luckily, the ever on-point Best Fit Recordings have released the latest single from Postiljonen, a Scandinavian pop/jazz/synth group with a bright future ahead of them. Although it’s aptly dubbed “dream pop,” this is the kind of song that begs to shed generic distinctions and burst through into a new dimension.

The track, however, references the past—or rather, a mythical past. Entitled “Atlantis” after the fabled forgotten island city, this track is enough to draw images of an abandoned citadel to mind. It conjures thoughts of towers and spires against an impossibly blue backdrop, a city full of promise, but it also conveys a sense of impending loss. There’s something inherently sad in that winding saxophone solo, like an omen of the confusion to come. To hear more from Postiljonen check out another single “On the Run,” and pre-order their album Skyer which is due out later this month on July 22.

(Gorilla Vs. Bear)