Scandinavia has been hogging the indie pop spotlight for a while, so it’s perhaps time that we shifted our focus on another European nation. Parisian singer/songwriter Cocovan has been keeping herself busy since the last time we heard from her, from filming her musical/visual diary web series, Cocorama, to spending copious amounts of time in the studio. Today, we get a taste of what she’s been working on.

While “Mascara” could easily be labeled simply as synth-pop, there’s a lot more to the song than what meets the eye (or ear, I suppose). The swirling production is combined with her supple, saccharine vocals, but there’s something about “Mascara” that has a bite to it, like that unexpected savory kick in a salted caramel. It’s sweet, but not overly so—perfectly balanced, demanding your attention in the most polite way. Listen to Cocovan’s latest offering below.