LA duo MYPET mix hard-hitting, bass-heavy production with femme-fatale electro-pop vocals across their debut six-track Reflex EP, with “Tiger” serving as both its centrepiece and highlight. The track, packed full of rapid-fire hi-hats and soaring choruses, has now got an appropriately animalistic video to accompany it, which reflects both the song’s name and its hectic, almost schizophrenic nature. As electronic-pop artists have tried to follow whatever is popular in the music world by appropriating the dance music styles du jour for their own ends, some incredibly awkward, clunky stylistic clashes have occurred. For MYPET, however, this is not the case, as Amy and Ray expertly blend a variety of sounds and styles into their music.

If you like the sound of “Tiger,” listen to the whole EP below via Bandcamp, where it is also free to download.