If you did a study of all the covers ever covered, it probably wouldn’t blow any minds to find that the most popular songs were those that flipped the original on its head and made something that sounded little-to-nothing like its inspiration. Such is the case with FIDLAR’s Kuehn brothers. The Los Angeles skate punks got it into their head that it was a good idea to cover Nick Cave‘s voodoo-blues classic “Red Right Hand,” and it sounds damn good. But their cover removes the ghostly trembles that Cave does so well and replaces them with the screeching guitars and insistent thrashing that FIDLAR does so well. They end up sounding more than a little bit like some early White Stripes. You will find no complaints here. The boys also decided to title the song “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage),” presumably because any time you can bring up even the remotest connection the acting demigod of the 21st century, you should. Stream FIDLAR’s “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage)” below, followed by Cave’s original.

(via fidlar.tumblr.com)