Since making his P&P debut last February with the hauntingly beautiful “Float,” FTSE has made more than his fair share of fans on the site and around the world. The British producer creates soft, lilting R&B-inspired tracks that can draw you in with a smoky mood and twist your guts with a movement and energy that seems to rumble up from the bottom of the ocean.

Response to his FTSE I EP was strong enough to warrant a follow up. FTSE II will be released September 30th via Lucky Number, with “St. Tropez,” the latest cut from FTSE featuring ForteBowie, on the tracklist. It’s another study in muted tones — FTSE’s vocals never rise above a sensous mumble, moving through the synths and spare beat like a deer through deep woods. Yet there’s still that edge, unobtrusive yet undeniably more powerful than the velvety instrumentation: the vocal sample that opens the sound is an open reference to Kendrick Lamar‘s “Backseat Freestyle,” and ForteBowie opens up his lungs to provide a powerful contrast to the author. Stream “St. Tropez” below: