When Gucci Mane releases new music, he releases all the new music. Following on the heels of Trap House III, Gucci released three new mixtapes today under the World War 3 umbrella. It’s an ambitious discography that features the likes of 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka and Chief Keef. Gas, Lean, and Molly are all handled by different producers. Gas is produced by the 808 Mafia, Lean by Zaytoven, Mike Will and C Note. Molly, for its part, is handled by four Atlanta youngins: Metro Boomin, C4, Sonny Digital and Dun Deal.

So go ahead and start ripping through some Gucci for the next few hours. What else could you possibly have to do? And if that’s not enough to convince you… here. Check out the tapes in full on iTunes: