Gucci Mane is piling it on. I don’t know whether he had just been stockpiling tracks in a cave somewhere for the last decade or what, but the man is just releasing massive amounts of music in 2013. After Trap House III he released three mixtapes and has been featured on too many songs to count. I mean, you could technically count them, but let’s just stick with “a lot.” And oh yeah, he’s done all of it while bouncing in and out of jail.

How you feel about the quality of all this trap is a personal matter, but Gucci doesn’t seem to be stopping to poll how people feel about it. He’s back at it today. The Zaytoven-produced “Puchanella” features Young Thug going wild in the track’s second half. It’s set to appear on Muzikfene’s upcoming No Pressure mixtape. Stream below: