Ireland is an island, or rather, part of an island, that’s been fraught with trauma and strife for decades. Maybe that’s what makes it so easy to hear authentic sadness and pain in the music and art that comes out of that country. There’s an underlying sadness that speaks of a green, rocky land plagued by violence and internal discord.

The importance of inheritance and lineage there is something that won’t be fading from memory any time soon, so the name that Patrick O’Laoghaire chose for his musical identity, I Have a Tribe is incredibly fitting.

His debut track, “Monsoon” is mostly piano-based, but there’s hints of digital bass thumps and high-pitched clicks that keep rhythm against the wandering piano melodies and O’Laoghaire’s plaintive vocals. As far as the song itself, Patrick said he perceives of a storm as a the opportunity for renewal.

“‘Imagine you could stand in the rain and let it wash off everything you were worried about. That’s the idea behind it,” he said.  “Only dreamers walk in the rain.” Listen to his initial release below and look for a forthcoming EP in the near future.