FLWRS + Maralisa are a an electronic/soul/R&B duo made up of musician/producer¬†Emiliano Flowerman and singer Maralisa and their debut EP Muddy Your Feet is perfect Saturday listening. In a similar vein to acts like AlunaGeorge, FLWRS + Maralisa pairs a talented electronic producer with a soulful vocalist, and the disparate elements combine to create this current of synergy. The short, three song EP is littered with tiny noisemakers, pinpricks of sonic delight that underline Maralisa’s vocal skips and harmonies.

“Drumdrunk” in particular is astonishingly full-bodied, especially considering this is the duo’s first time working together. Maralisa’s voice is joined by hosts of harmonies and sweetly flashes in between rewound digital noise and chirping insect-like sound samples. A song that’s ostensibly about falling in love with drummers of course mimics its own message by concentrating on rhyhthm.

They refer to themselves as a “electronic avante-pop” but there isn’t much avante about their sound anymore, it’s reminiscent of Purity Ring at some points, and find another counterpoint in Irish duo Young Wonder. Stream the entire EP below, you can also download it for free over at their Soundcloud page. The EP is out now via¬†Belgian Man Records.