While we’ve certainly had our fill of artistic narratives fueled by mystery over the past few years, there is something to be said for a tactic that, when properly executed, focuses attention on music first, allowing content to be the vessel for personality and themes (as opposed to a backseat complement to branding). Undoubtedly, the strategy can seem like bait for blogs and minds hungry for controversy and intrigue, but it’s an understandable reaction to a culture of constant overexposure.

Brooklyn trio Glass Gang is holding back its members’ identities while rolling out a series of singles, but regardless of whether or not they turn out to be a group of famous friends or a collection of unknowns, the metallic, moody synthpop of their new single “The Fall”–sounding something like The XX distorted through an amplifier–is enough to garner deserved attention.

If nothing else, a band that includes who provides only the words “dischord // dipset” in their description on Facebook might be worth your time. Check out “The Fall” below.