Philadelphia is one of my favorite words in the geographical dictionary. There’s so much abstract symmetry in the look and sound of it, trailing off into water halfway through, the second half reflecting off the first. I also grew up there, but whatever. That’s not the only reason it tickles my toes. A more likely reason is that it’s a city that can produce acts like Louis Futon.

These two Philly producers look like they went to my high school, but they’re creating beats that could have been flown in from Neptune. Or the future. There’s a glittery, shining quality to their music that recalls Madeon‘s collages and James Blake (if he glugged a bunch of Prozac), carefully orchestrated sound collages that burst and withdraw with manic trap beats.

The Alright Alright EP doesn’t have a weak moment. “Shoulda Known” is probably going to get picked up the most, but “Felt” and the title track are masterpieces in their own right. This is a glimpse into the cutting edge of electronic music—every re-listen will reveal something new that’s going on underneath what you heard the first time. That’s what sets this genre apart from everything that came before—the subtle touches can be the best part. Actually, the best part is that you can download the whole thing for free: