Earlier this summer we premiered Mali Michael‘s debut track “Ghost,” a willowy, slithering R&B number with a strong beat-centric backbone. Now, Mali has released a second song “Wild Things” via Interview and it’s much slower and even more sinuous. After an initial vocal stretch the track breaks down into electronic chaos, slight rewind whirrs gain traction amidst washed out and echoing synths, until it all coalesces back into another lovelorn verse.

Mali croons that the presence of another would calm his nightmares and keep the wild things at bay, and his voice is tender enough to make that seem true without being over the top. “It’s when you’ve got that itching feeling for someone,” he said of the track. “You already know them; you’re deep into them. You’ve just got to be with them, but there’s always two sides to it.”┬áListen below and watch for much more from this 20-year-old London native.