Malpas are a duo from Birmingham, England composed of¬†songwriter Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours. Forbes had previously been looping acoustic, folk demos in his attic in Birmingham and Savours has produced for the likes of Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine and The Horrors. Combining these two perspectives at first seems unlikely, but the more times you listen to their new single “Charlemagne,” the more cohesive their collaboration feels.

Mandolins meet mixing boards and circling, acoustic melody lines blend with the dreamy ambience that made Sigur Ros and MBV so popular. Their sound is more palatable than those precursors though, not wandering quite as long through the same patches of sound but quickly shifting from instrument to instrument and mood to mood, gradually building into a climax. There’s beachy, otherworldly tones in this song that’s named for an ancient ruler, but tends more toward nostalgia and lost memories. Stream the track below and look for their debut EP on Killing Moon out September 23.