He’s not even 18 years old yet (correction: he recently turned 18), but Memphis rapper Jon Waltz had something special on his hands with “Bang.” It’s the product of one artist who comes from a younger generation more in touch with the present state of rap than the roots of hip-hop, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s probably kids like Jon Waltz who are the future, and while older heads cross their arms and complain about “real” hip-hop not existing anymore, the younger kids are looking forward and making hits.

Jon Waltz doesn’t have a “hit” yet, but “Bang” has over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud now. More importantly, “Somewhere Else” proves that “Bang” wasn’t just some lucky mistake—Jon Waltz has talent. This song is full of ideas—including an Imogen Heap sample and T.I.-interpolating chorus—but instead of sounding busy it feels supremely entertaining, abandoning the typical format and saving the best for last. At 3:45 Jon introduces an A$AP Rocky-style section before cutting back to some Drake-like singing, and in that final moment of this song it’s clear that Jon Waltz is capable of big things.