On his website, Sothko is described as “the laboratory of Marc Johansen,” and in many ways his only song “Everything is Fine” feels like the bubbling up of some chemicals mixed in careful quantities. The Glasgow singer has a lackadaisical quality to his voice that feels decidedly un-scientific, and the emotional, erratic scribbles that accompany the song suggest a mind just as equal to artistic demons as it would be to equations.

Sonically, the track utilizes simple and acoustic melody lines that are colored with shakers and bongos, but the sum of “Everything is Fine” comes together in a cohesive, quirky whole that is maddeningly catchy. Stream the track below and watch its scribbled, stream-of-consciousness video. Look for more from this Scottish artist, his microscopic vision encompasses the molecules of life that most of us miss.

(Hilly Dilly)