Often, artists do themselves little favor by serving up comparisons to vaunted singers or bands. Though the description Only Girl offers via Facebook–”mariah X Cocteau twins”–sets the bar unreasonably high and serves up an unusual, eye-catching pairing, it proves a fairly fitting (if undoubtedly lofty) reference point for the singer’s enchanting R&B infused pop.

On single “Mountain,” sparse, airy production gives Only Girl plenty of room to flex her range (perhaps more readily relatable to Jessie Ware) and sweet, clear voice, an impressive asset that could either lend itself to pure pop or fit in wonderfully on the sort of deep house dosed with R&B that seems to rule the Soundcloud waves. “Mountain” is decidedly old school in approach, a clear homage to singers like Whitney Houston and the aforementioned Mariah Carey who gave Top 40-style songs a bit of heart.

For its visual treatment, “Mountain” gets an appropriately sunny, kaleidoscopic clip. Check it out below.