Yours Truly premiered the video for Southern’s “World Don’t Shine” today and it’s a blurry, beautiful mess of darkly-lit upshots and hazy images. The UK-based act led by Thom and Lucy Southern is blending disparate elements like unstoppable lead guitar melodies, and male/female vocal tradeoffs with a sharp technicality that keeps them from becoming too precious.

The song’s balance between old world rhythms and a bit of twang with some very crisp production, stiff high hats and sticky acoustic guitar lines fuse seamlessly with the male/female vocal lines. As brother and sister, the Southern siblings share a similarity in tone and delivery that allows their voices to melt into what feels like one distinct melody split between genders. Originally from Belfast, the duo are currently located in Liverpool, and if this video is anything to go off, their sound will soon be international.

(Yours Truly)