We previously posted White Poppy‘s latest EP Drifter’s Goldself-proclaimed therapeutic pop music—and I’ve rarely come across a collection of songs so calming and serene. Crystal Dorval, the woman behind the project has now released a new single in anticipation of her next release self-titled full-length. The British Columbia bedroom pop purveyor dips and sways her shiny soprano through slinky guitar solos and synths on “Darkness to Turns to Light.”

She says of the song: “‘Darkness Turns To Light’ is one of the more psychedelic, world-influenced songs on the album. I thought it would make a good second single after the poppier first single, ‘Wear Me Away,’ because it showcases the eclecticism that can be expected of the whole album.”

The stippled echoes of her voice blend with unrelenting fuzz-and-synth that has become so prevalent in pop music of late, but her tendency toward off-kilter rhythms and self-noted international influence save this song from a lapse into boredom, keeping it ever on edge. The end, when her voice starts to come unhinged feels like the sound of cassette tape being unspooled into one big glossy pile. Stream the track below and look for her LP White Poppy out on Not Not Fun on September 3. Check out the tracklist after the song.

1. Darkness Turns To Light
2. Wear Me Away
3. Joyride
4. Today Tomorrow
5. Dead Night
6. Emotional Intelligence
7. Without Answers
8. Dizzy
9. Skygaze
10. Existential Angst