Dance music has gotten bigger, louder, and more muscle-bound than ever, but that’s not the only side to have emerged in the past years. There have also been minimalist movements, post-everything movements, and then Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories, which brought things back to a crispy, more organic dancefloor vibe. For their first new material since 2009’s Yeah Ghost, British duo Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns—known as Zero 7—have released two new songs, and they are very much in line with the new Daft Punk, in the best way possible.

“Both tracks were written with singers we haven’t worked with previously,” the group explains. “Title track ‘On My Own’ features Danny Pratt (aka Danny Boy), a native of Canberra, Australia who we met in London last year. This is the first of a couple of songs that we plan to release featuring Danny on vocals.”

“Flip-side track ‘Don’t Call it Love’ is one of many tracks that we have co-written recently with the mysterious and benevolent singer/songwriter Tom Leonard from Los Angeles.”