As the air begins to chill and the season change, the light, sun-soaked pop tunes of the summer don’t really evoke the right emotion anymore. You need something that’s going to pair well with the turning leaves; a song that feels a bit darker, a bit more like fall. Alex Winston has nailed it with “101 Vultures.” The Detroit beauty is back with a pop single that hits harder than a wrecking ball… and she didn’t even have to lick a sledgehammer to get our attention.

Winston’s voice envelops you as she punches you square in the stomach with her powerful lyrics. “101 Vultures” shows a more vulnerable side to the singer, not normally seen in her previous, more up-beat work. Winston bares herself, calling out a former hero who was no hero at all. A mix of haunting harmonies and Winston’s signature coo swirl together creating a beautiful echo of sounds. The track pierces like a cool blade and then, in a way completely unique to Winston, she twists that knife leaving the listener feeling as raw as the song itself.

“In a sea of motherfuckers you were no salvation”

Check out the song below, and if you’re in NYC be sure to catch Alex at Glasslands on Sept. 21st (tickets here).