Back in November of last year, we fell in love with a song from a Sonos commercial. The clip starred Janelle Monáe and a group of classy looking friends dancing and laughing to music we’d never heard before. We looked into it and found the song—it was Deep Cotton’s “We’re Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out,” a Talking Heads meets Gorillaz-type blend of weirdo pop that’s so catchy you won’t even question how strange it is.

The duo who made the song, Deep Cotton, are Nate Wonder and Chuck Lightning of the Wondaland Arts Collective in Atlanta, a collective that also counts Janelle Monáe as a member. For more about that, check the official website.

Today, almost a year later, we can finally download this song for free. It’s the first time Deep Cotton has offered music for free, and it’s leading up to the release of a free five-song project called Runaway Radio, out September 25. According to the duo, “the suite is the world’s very first ‘Fixtape,’ meaning it’s a jamming musical experience, available for free download online and designed to ‘fix’ the ills of the world through the peaceful and electrifying power of music.”

Runaway Radio tracklist:
1. Swim til You See the Light (interlude)
2. We’re Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out
3. The Reanimator (Concerning Electric Kool-Aid in Watts, UFOs in Harlem, and What Really Happened to Atlantis)
4. Fork & Knife
5. Milk Dies
6. Call to Glory (interlude)
7. Runaway Radio