In the opening seconds of Spenda C’s remix of Safia‘s “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues,” you might find yourself having a reaction similar to that of P&P’s own Constant Gardner when I first passed it over to him: “I thought it was gonna be dumb trap, but it’s actually great!”

By this point in trap’s brief but hyper-condensed narrative arc, we’ve been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to hear those snapping snares and 808 drums and either turn up or recoil in horror. Thankfully, Spenda C seems well aware of inherent prejudices, opting to create something that blends gorgeous elements of the original song with trap’s signatures (chief among them: A particularly inspired chop that comes in near the 51 second mark), an array of early-90s-“I’ve Got the Power” synths and unexpected breakdowns. The whole dance-y stew gives what was once a mellow song intriguing new dimension. Give it a listen below.