The jump from releasing a compelling run of singles to creating a cohesive project causes many up and coming artists to stumble; striking gold (or, hell, even copper) can be easy enough once or twice, but polishing raw material often proves impossible even for the most talented artists.

The Bronx’s Doley Bernays still has room to grow as a rapper (his flow tends to sound very similar from song to song), but his new Just In Case EP is satisfying deliverance on a promising string of singles, a cohesive vision of a young rapper’s attempts to rise beyond his surroundings and make lasting music. With ample help from MP Williams‘ otherworldly, cinematic production (one of our favorite up-and-coming producers), Bernays waxes passionately autobiographical across twelve songs. It’s a collection that points to particular vision and the promise of things to come, imbuing what might otherwise be expected street rap with fire and widescreen flair.

Stream Just In Case below and download it here.