Cameron Mesirow’s Glasser project has long been a study in electronic innovation. That there is a woman composing these songs has automatically lumped Mesirow into the basket of female singer/songwriters like Bat for Lashes, Blue Hawaii, and Fever Ray. But to do so would be a grave disservice to the California native, who has spent nearly two years crafting Interiors, the follow-up to 2010’s soaring Ring. With this album she has occupied a space all her own.

“I thought about architecture—a physical imposition in my life—and about the fluid emotional boundaries of relationships—also sometimes imposed,” said Mesirow. Space is certainly a character in Interiors narrative—hesitation, suspense, and allusion are embodied in a sound that has grown to incorporate more traditional instruments like strings alongside the electric collage. Track names allude to the songs as structures: “Design,” “Landscape,” and the standout “Forge” are built piece by piece, following a blueprint to the path of realization. Stream Interiors below: