Since their debut last December, Brooklyn’s San Fermin has built steady intrigue with a modest body of work: Two singles and one beautifully executed video. The band’s self-titled debut expands on the grander vision suggested vt singles “Sonsick” and “Daedelus (What We Have),” a sprawling creation spurred by composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone’s eclectic taste and and painstaking attention to detail.

Across seventeen tracks, San Fermin brims with an impressive, dizzying array of sounds, a feast of instruments and ideas resulting in the muscular rock of “Torero,” the lilting melancholy of “Methuselah,” the angular anxiety of “The Count,” the driving, sunny deceptive pop of lead single “Sonsick,” and the rousingly cinematic “Daedelus.” Each song serves its purpose, a self-contained world that never feels out of step with the overarching vision.

Stream San Fermin via NPR and look out for its official release on 9/17 on Downtown Records.