With roots in New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit, trio Tiny Hearts–consisting of singer Dede Reynolds, producer Tim K, and J Dilla affiliate Waajeed–pulls together influences from the cities that spurred its growth.

Packed with buzzing post-Dilla basslines, snapping, swung drums, dreamy synth textures, and a loosely jazzy sensibility, Tiny Hearts’ Stay EP grafts a thumping, modern backbone on its lounge pop, perfect for a late night spent alone or for the loudest speaker system you can find. Clocking in at just under 16 minutes, Stay does more than enough to whet the appetite and leave room for more, a succinct statement of a well-honed sound that recalls retro-futuristic groups like J*Davey while carving a distinctive tribute to the locales that birthed and groomed its creators.

Stay impresses by feeling full without being overstuffed or confused, clear and comfortable in its identity from the opening notes of the title track. Stream it below and buy it on the group’s Bandcamp if you’re so inclined.