Image via  Bandcamp

Image via Bandcamp

If you google “blood cultures,” you get a list of results explaining the process used to detect infections in the bloodstream.

You’ll have to go much deeper into the Google machine than I did (I stopped on page 7) to find anything about new indie-pop artist Blood Cultures and, even then, I imagine your discovery would be a disappointment. The New Jersey enigma comes complete with the requisite lack of information for an emergent talent in 2013: No Facebook, no Twitter, just a Bandcamp page, a Soundcloud, and a faceless photograph. In wake of digital information overload, we get “Indian Summer,” a hazy, sparkly ode to an unnamed subject: “I’ve been talkin’ to you in my dreams/I’ve been thinkin’ of you endlessly.” It’s an auspicious first step out of the internet ether, a solid building block in what will hopefully be a trajectory filled with focus on quality music rather than promotional mystery.

(Hilly Dilly)