It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Emay. The Canadian producer/rapper’s last full-length project was the free album Adam back in April of 2012, but Emay doesn’t exactly run on a schedule, musically speaking. He’s not one to hype himself up or run through the usual promo cycle before something new comes out. He doesn’t play by the old rules or the #newrules, he just makes music. It’s refreshing.

“Wudhu (Cleanliness)” is a demo that may or may not be a bonus track on his next full-length, which he’s planning now. It’s a beautiful track tied together with strong but detached drums, string and vocal sampling, and Emay’s stirring delivery. The whole song feels something like a cleansing process of its own, both intense and therapeutic—maybe that’s just the power of suggestion, but probably not.