With the increasing ability of listeners to cherry-pick songs (iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud–there’s no shortage of available options or platforms that are just on the horizon), it is understandable that emerging artists wouldn’t feel the need to develop consistent aesthetics. While it is impressive when an artist commits to focus in sound and style, it is even more so when listening habits and formats don’t necessitate any particular cohesion.

On new single “Manhattan,” L.A.-based singer Gallant continues exploring the hazy shoegaze-R&B aesthetic of “If It Hurts,” crafting a luxuriously blown out ballad that ironically features some of the singer’s best writing yet caked under layers of reverb: “Show me how you got in this predicament/did the devil let you down?/I could tell you it’s the apex/I could tell you it’s the Al Hamra/Take another shot of your adrenaline/And pray you get that far.” While his last release, “Sirens,” hinted at more contemporary leanings, “Manhattan” presents a zone where Gallant seems to excel. Ultimately, it is the singer’s stellar falsetto that serves as his music’s true thread, breathing pretty life into his words.