The rise of Lorde has a lot of people in the music industry digging around for the next teenage star to break. Europe isn’t a bad place to start. We’ve seen more and more pop talent coming from Europe lately, and that’s where you’ll find 16-year-old Sophia Manou, who performs under her last name. She currently goes to school in Germany but performs in London every couple of weeks.

But Manou already has a few things working in her favor. For starters, she’s working with producer PNUT, who is known for his work with Amy Winehouse, Eliza Doolittle, Foxes, and Dido. She’s also working with the talent agency Studioweek, who is helping her get off the ground. From their site: “Studioweek is working with Sophia on launching her music career and we shall be hearing and seeing more of her this year. Video and photo shoots are in the making and her Online and PR team are on the get go to successfully launch this brand new talent.”

All the right things are in place, and this first song was pitched through a PR email as “Lykke Li meets TLC.” With indie pop and ’90s retro being big at the moment, this should strike a sweet spot with a lot of listeners looking for something fresh. Is Manou going to be the next to blow? It’s hard to say, but she’s certainly got a better chance than your average teenager. Listen to her new song “Sadie” below, and keep an ear out.