Today, Hot Sugar shares his new EP, Made Man, and as expected, it’s full of intricate and intriguing production. The EP may only be 10 songs in length, but the number of features on it—including Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi, Heems, and more—and the energy that they bring to the table more than makes up what the EP lacks in quantity. Stream the EP, which also includes the excellent feature-heavy “56k,” below.

1. Erica (f/ The GTW)
2. Mama, Im a Man (f/ Antwon, Lakutis & Big Baby Gandhi)
3. In & Out (f/ Kool AD)
4. Dripping Dimes (f/ Ne$$, Nasty Nigel, & Chippy Nonstop)
5. Zanny Bath (f/ Bill Ding)
6. Blessed (f/ Big Baby Gandhi)
7. Born 2 (f/ Heems)
8. Watermelon (f/ Open Mike Eagle)
9. Future Primitive Art School (f/ Kool AD & Big Baby Gandhi)
10. 56 K (f/ Big Baby Gandhi + Nasty Nigel + Lansky + Antwon + Chippy Nonstop + Lakutis + DVS + Kitty + Weekend $)